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Outsourcing is a flexible solution for your IP management requirements...

Impetus simultaneously manages multiple patent and trademark portfolios on a worldwide basis, coordinating with professionals advisors in each country on behalf of clients. We are frequently retained to audit IP portfolios and to advise upon and to assist in the implementation of optimised IP administration practices. So why impetus?











Trained, experienced staff as a compliment to your existing staff or we can provide a total service

Services are tailored to individual requirements

Impetus are dynamic and flexible

We provide temporary or permanent solutions in the event of unexpected or prolonged absence of key staff


We provide additional resources in those unexpected or sudden  demanding situations

We undertake all or part of your Intellectual Property paralegal and formalities services

We are highly experienced in UK, EP, PCT and US prosecution and formalities procedures worldwide


At Impetus, with our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can manage:












  • Patent and Trademark filings worldwide (PCT, WO, GB, EPC)  

  • Foreign filings via our or your network of Agents worldwide

  • Assignments, name changes, transfer of rights

  • European/GB Address for Service

  • Docketing/Data Management

  • Formalities from Filing to Grant/Registration

  • Renewals

  • Electronic file maintenance

  • Portfolio management