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We always aim to be the best in our field and we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and commitment to our clients. One size does not fit all...

Impetus is a leading, independent and  innovative provider of Intellectual Property consultancy, paralegal support & portfolio administration services.


We always aim to be the best in our field and we pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and commitment to our clients and the tailoring of our services to help our clients achieve their goals and contribute to their business success.


From offices in the UK we've supported clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East since 1997. Our current clients include Fortune 100 corporations, technology start-ups, private equity and venture capital investors, IP management software vendors and patent and trademark professionals.

With over 20 years of experience and a fantastic team that comprises both CIPA and ITMA qualified personnel we provide our clients with:


1) Tailored consultancy services

2) Patent, Design and Trademark paralegal, formalities and data-management services.


Our flexible and scalable services range from the administration of complete IP portfolios on behalf of clients to one-off support projects. Unlike many of our competitors we are not affiliated to a firm of patent and trademark attorneys or an IP software vendor which means we can deliver an independent service to you.

Our strategy is to always strive to be:


- The leading Provider of IP portfolio management services

- Highly-trained specialist team

- Dedicated to our clients’ success

- Flexible and dynamic – we can ‘hit the ground running’

- Part of your team’s total solution

- Provider of cost-effective solutions tailored to suit your requirements

- Skilled and experienced interim managers

- Excited by the endless possibilities to contribute to best practice and to bring our diverse experience to the benefit of our clients

- Continuous improvement management

- Have a ‘why’ and ‘how’ mindset

- Constantly looking to add value





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